Custom Sprinter Conversions by Outside Van

Welcome to our Dream

Outside Van began as a dream; to build the best Sprinter Van available to fit your outdoor lifestyle. That dream is now our reality.

Utilitarian, crisp, and clean, Outside Vans are the perfect balance between function and fantasy. Born from this necessity, we bring you the ultimate vehicle to pursue your adventures. We build the vehicle of your dreams, from your home-away-from-home to the ultimate toy hauler, your Outside Van can do it all. Powder, Surf, Snow, and Dirt tested, our passion for the outdoors is the reason for our existence.



PPrecision built with the best materials and components, including big heaters, German Interweave, powder coated metals and real wood, we skip low standards and focus on quality.

Our functional designs and superior workmanship mean Outside Vans are built to last. Drop us a line if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. See you on the Outside. . .

Custom Sprinter Conversion
  • Stone Grey Mercedes Sprinter With Custom Vinyl And Prerunner Bumper
  • Gear Hauler Outside Van With Moto And Sled
  • Outsidevan With Full Dinette Accented By LED Lighting
  • Outdoor Van With Prerunner Bumper And All Terrain Tyres
  • Camping In Converted Sprinter Vans With Bikes And Motos
  • Dodge Promaster Gear Hauler With LED Light Bar
  • Pre-runner Bumper With PIAA Driving Lights
  • Sprinter Van Stone Gray 144 With SUP Racks And Aftermarket Air Conditioning
  • Race Ready Chevy Van Gear Hauler With Bike And Surf Gear
  • Three Sprinter Conversions Camping
  • Galley With Dometic Refrigerator
  • Stealth Sprinter With Custom Racks And Satellite
  • Outside Van Accessibility Conversion
  • McMinamins Edgefield
  • Hanging Outside Van Storage Baskets
  • Red Sprinter Camping Trip
  • Sprinter Camper Van With Extended Awning
  • Outdoor Van Conversion
  • Big Wave Dave By Outsidevan
  • Custom Sprinter Conversion Snowmobile Trip
  • Armano Camper Van
  • Roof Racks With Solar Panels
  • Cold Weather Camping Van
  • Outdoor Recreational Conversion Van
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Outside Van Oregon Historic Highway
  • Taking The Whole Family Camping
  • Red Sprinter RV