Sprinter Conversion by Outside Van

Modular Flip Bunks

Our Modular Flip Bunks are low profile and highly versatile. Custom fabricated and powder coated steel frames, high-test nylon strap, and Mac's VersaTie track combine to support the necessary load. With the proper track set up, bunks can easiily be raised to the ceiling for storage or adjusted as you see fit. Two bunks can even be combined side-by-side to form a full size bed.

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Custom Sprinter
OSV Modular Flip Bunks
  • Mercedes Sprinter Conversion Flip Bunks
  • Outside Van Sprinter With Side-by-side Flip Up Bunk Beds
  • Custom Orange Powder Coated Sprinter Bunk Panels
  • Blue Powder Coated Side-by-side Bunks Raised To Ceiling On Mac's VersaTie Track
  • OSV Hanging Shelves And Modular Flip Bunks
  • Flip Bunks Converted To Full Size Bed
  • White Custom Powder Coated Sprinter Bunk Bed Panel