2nd Annual Outsider Summit 2023

What an incredible weekend we had at our 2nd Annual Outsider Summit! Camp Cedar Creek proved to be the perfect destination for escaping into the wild and celebrating van life with fellow Outsiders. We were joined by a total of 15 vans, a truck, and a trailer, creating an epic 4-day celebration.

Our time was filled with tasty food, informative and entertaining seminars, and activities suitable for all outsiders. The catered meals brought us together, and the warm fires and lively spirits kept us celebrating into the night. Outsiders of all kinds, including customers, kids, dogs, and employees, came together to partake in the fun!

We kicked off our Friday morning with Jessica Amos, who guided us through calming and centering meditation. Jessica skillfully led us back to our inner balance, helping us let go of the distractions and focus on the present moment and the natural beauty of the secluded, creek-fed Pacific-Northwest Forest surrounding us. It was the perfect start to prepare us for the full day ahead.

Brent from Oregon Adventure Trucks led an exceptional seminar on In-Field Tire Repair & Problem Solving Off-Road. We learned about how and when to air up and down, fix punctured tires in the field with a field repair kit, as well as the ins-and-outs of picking the right traction board for the Sprinter. These newfound skills were put to the test during our trail ride the following day!

Following the seminar, we split off into groups, the first group embarked on a downhill mountain biking ride which started at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, while others hiked Mirror Lake, and some chose to relax in the tranquility of our campsite. The weather was nothing short of perfect, marking the ideal end to summer and lending to some incredible photo opportunities and lasting memories with our Outsider family.

Group of mountain bikers smiling at Mt. Hood

On Saturday morning, one of our Outsiders, Bradlee Roffers, led a guided breathwork and meditation session. Bradlee introduced us to the Wim Hof method, which proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience for all in attendance.

“The experience was both mentally and physically challenging, but at the end of the session I had a better understanding of my limits and was in an elevated head space that I haven’t experienced. It was one of the best things I have ever done and will continue to work it into my normal routine because it was extremely rewarding.” 

– Justin Anderson

After breakfast, we embarked on a backroads trip to Trillium Lake. Eleven Outside Vans, including 144s and 170s, conquered the trails with ease! It was an incredible experience to share a trail run with so many adventurous Outsiders. Following a lakeside lunch and admiring each other’s unique and personalized vans, we returned to camp for a captivating cooking seminar hosted by Lani Kingston and Cody Onthank on The Intricacies of Using Induction Stoves. Who knew you could make waffles from scratch right in your van! These two held our attention and sparked inspiration for future van-cooked meals.

Outside Vans alongside Trillium Lake

Each evening concluded with rad van life stories, strengthening bonds within the Outsider community, making new friends, and toasting to the exciting adventures and future Outside Van events.

Thanks to everyone who brought the good vibes, as well as to our teachers and vendors who made this Summit truly unforgettable. We are stoked to see even more Outsiders at our 3rd Annual Outsider Summit next year!