With great excitement, the entire team at Outside Van is proud to announce the expansion of their production operations into a second building. Referred to as “Outside Van South” due to its close, but southern proximity to Outside Van’s current manufacturing facility, “Outside Van North,” this massive 130,000-square-foot building will exclusively produce Outside Van’s newest product offerings: models Approach and Syncline.

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Deciding to produce two adventure van models in addition to continuing their foundation of bold, custom van conversions was an obvious next step for the 20-year-old industry veteran. Susan Clemo, Outside Van’s Chief Executive Officer, confidently states, “We’ve never been a company to stay the same, to do only what we’re comfortable with. Our beginnings were in creating the unknown, tackling each custom build with its unique quirks and one-of-a-kind features. True to our style, we’re doing things a bit differently by releasing models AFTER having produced hundreds of custom builds. Our experience in the deep end of adventure van conversions has prepared us for the more traditional route of model production, but without sacrificing quality. With our experience of building one unique van after another, repeating the same process with models should be a nice reprieve for our incredibly hardworking team.”

Outside Van South, a mere five-minute drive from Outside Van North has been under construction since Quarter four of 2022.

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Matt clemo

Matt Clemo, Director of Sales & Business Development, states “We’ve put countless hours into making this move as a business. We left no stone unturned, question unanswered, and potential paths unexamined. Progress doesn’t happen without bumps along the way, but we’re clear on our vision and believe strongly in this direction.” A new building means many new additions to the company. “We’re actively hiring for multiple positions at Outside Van South. During a time of national job uncertainty, it’s a great honor to help stimulate our local economy and hire talented craftspeople.”

Outside Van is excited to expand their reach further by bringing van life to a greater population. Having cultivated relationships with national RV dealerships, Outside Van’s models will begin rolling around the United States in the Spring of 2023. Approach, a 170, and Syncline, a 144 feature the best of Outside Van’s industry-leading quality and deep knowledge, include components sourced from top-tier third parties, and will be financeable. “With models, since we’re working with highly reputable dealerships, we’re able to reach so many more people,” Susan included.

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