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Outside Van is made up of women and men who are skilled at their craft, from woodworkers, metalworkers, upholsterers, and electricians to designers, engineers, and photographers.
We love what we do and take great pride in building people's dream vans.

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About us

Outside Van brings adventure enthusiasts closer to nature by creating purpose-built vehicles that enable a life of freedom, joy, and connection. Founded in 2007, our vehicles enable you to travel off-grid, find your joy, and take the road less traveled.

Outside Van is based in Oregon, where our experienced team designs, builds and tests reliable, well-equipped, comfortable, customized vans that are ready for the most extreme conditions. We are motivated by people who build active lives around staying in the moment, and we inspire people to strip away complexity, leaving what’s most important in life. 

See you on the outside.

Located in the Pacific Northwest

We want to connect with you. Our shop is located near the Columbia River Gorge, just a few miles east of Portland, Oregon. You are welcome to visit the shop with an appointment and feel the love that goes into the vans.

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