641 Life

Living Life to the Fullest

Custom built in 2019, 641 Life was designed for a customer who wanted the flexibility of extra seating with a removable two person bench seat. With extra cabinetry for food, clothing, and gear storage and a removable three panel bed, long adventures on the road are easy.

Equipped with two long-life extreme capacity...

First Tracks

The Ultimate Base Camp for Freshies

Built in 2019, First Tracks is a custom Peak Series van built for our customer who wanted a completely modular layout. With two lightweight removable folding bunk beds and a removable shower pan and curtain, storing away pieces when they’re not in use is simple.

With two long-life extreme capacity...


Mighty Adventurer

Goliath is a custom Peak Series van built in 2019 for our customer who loves to get out and explore. Built on a dually Ford Transit chassis with an extended wheelbase, this van includes seating for four, a removable three panel bed, and two exoskeleton cabinets. Quigley motors has converted this chassis into a 4×4 with high and...


Gear Up, Get Out

Built in 2019, Catalyst is a custom Peak Series van that was built for our customers who want to travel with the option to add additional passenger seats at a later date. With a three panel bed which hinges to allow head space above the removable fixed bench seat, this van has plenty of space to hang out and relax.

This van...


Comfort in Any Conditions

Built in 2019, Shelter is a custom Peak Series van that was made for our customers who wanted to seat seven total passengers, but still have the option to remove some seating and use the bed when embarking on longer trips. With a modular and stackable three panel bed (which also has the option...

Going Coastal

From Coast to Coast and Everything in Between

Built in 2019, Going Coastal is a custom Peak Series van designed for our amazing customers who plan to live in their van as they travel from the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between.

This lovely color palette boasts bright Sileather ceilings, a calming blue wood laminate, and...


Meraki: Doing something with soul, creativity, or love—when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

Built in 2019, Meraki is a custom Peak Series van built for a couple who plans to take long trips with all the comforts of home at their fingertips. With sleek Sileather walls and ceiling, vibrant...