Fulfilling the Strong Desire to Travel

Built in 2017, Wanderlust is a custom Peak Series van with “tall man” ceilings so that our customer, who is over 6’2″, can stand fully in the van. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of insulation in certain areas of the ceiling. It includes a stocked kitchen with a refrigerator,...

Iron CX

Rugged and Comfortable

Built in 2017, Iron CX s a custom Peak Series van with seating for five and two sleeping platforms; a large three panel bed and a flip up platform beneath. With a microwave and a galley with a sink and refrigerator, any length of trip is possible.


Sleek and Serious

Built in 2017, Darkstar is a custom Peak Series low roof van with seating for four and plenty of space in the rear.


In the Shadows

Built in 2017, Eclipse is a Peak Series custom build that is simple yet functional. With a removable three panel bed and seating for five, gearing up and getting out on adventures is easy.

Green Flash

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It 

Built in 2017, Green Flash is a Peak Series custom build that was designed to carry four passengers, with a fully stocked galley kitchen, a removable shower pan, and a removable three panel bed. With two AGM batteries, a cabin and water heater, and an aftermarket roof top air conditioner, this is the...


Living the Sweet Life!

Built in 2019, La Dolce Vita is a Peak Series custom build that was designed to carry our customers comfortably to any destination. With a removable three panel bed, a stocked galley kitchen, and plenty of garage space, long-term trips are a breeze. Complete with two AGM batteries and a 2000 watt inverter, a rooftop air...


The Den

The allure begins with the distinctive Mercedes-Benz 4×4 144 chassis, and then sets course right to your senses, in one of our favorite Camper/Passenger/Gear Hauler conversions. The Den is a perfect “trifecta” of versatility meets functionality meets style that provides off-road appeal and enough home warmth, plus go get attitude to...