It first started with Vegan Mario’s at the Ojai Sunday Farmer’s market.  He has got gluten-free, dairy-free goodness going off!  It was the cashew cream cheese and gluten-free sourdough bread (topped with avacados from the market) that got us going.  .. then the cacao pudding topped with cacao nibs was a treat, treat.

Hence, the beginning of vegan pudding love.

Then there were the fresh strawberries.

Last week in Santa Cruz the strawberries were in full effect.  First, the stop at Swanton Berry Farm, then the discovery of strawberry sorbet (made with Dirty Girl strawberries) at Penny’s Ice Cream.  Yum!   Side note:  Penny’s makes a chocolate sorbet that is so creamy it’s hard to believe there is no dairy.  Plus, you can request it with toasted marshmellow on top for a whole new experience.

Back to the strawberries…

We found Dirty Girl Albion strawberries at the Santa Cruz Farmer’s market.  They are perfect on their own.  They are also perfect on the cacao coconut mousse we had in the cooler (Shakti Distinct Desserts).  So good.

Now that we are home, there are still some strawberries left and no mousse.  Inspired by a post on Vegan Magic I concocted this coconut, cacao, date, vanilla, salt pudding.  It is fast and worth making before you head out in the van – just in case you come across great berries.

Happy spring.


nichole e.