Fan Operation

Does your van have a MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe 10-Speed Fan? If so, this video will give you an overview of how to use it during your adventures on the road, and when to use it!

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Outside Van is not responsible for damage resulting from improper maintenance. This serves only as a guide to basic procedures.


To turn on press the On/Off button. On Automatic Opening Models the lid will open or close when the fan is turned on or off. When you Press the In/Out button, this reverses the direction of the fan, either pulling in air or exhausting air out. The fan will slow down and pause for two seconds before resuming operation in the opposite direction.

To adjust the fan speed press the Plus or Minus arrow buttons. When the fan speed reaches either the maximum or minimum speed, the fan will respond with 2 quick beeps. When you press the Plus or Minus buttons at the same time, it will open or close the lid. The fan motor will remain in its current state.

Now let’s review one of the most important features of this fan, Auto Mode. It allows the thermostat to turn the fan ON and OFF depending on the setting you determine, thus giving you hands free operation. To turn enter Auto Mode, press this key once for less than three seconds. Three quick beeps will confirm the MaxxFan has entered Auto Mode. To EXIT Auto Mode, press the ON/OFF key. Initial factory setting for the thermostat is 78°F. The green LED will light to indicate the MaxxFan is in Auto Mode. To change the set temperature, press the HOLD TO SET key for more than 3 seconds and you will hear one long beep and the thermostat will be reset to 78°F. To further adjust the set temperature, use the Plus or Minus Arrow keys to adjust the thermostat set temperature up or down in 1° increments per press. The fan will emit a beeping sound to confirm this setting. If a previous thermostat temperature was entered, the fan will remember this temperature setting and the next time you enter Auto Mode, the fan will start ventilating automatically. The fan speed will automatically adjust based on the cabin temperature. As cabin temperature rises, the fan increases in speed.

The included fan remote control has all the same controls as we’ve reviewed here. This allows you to make fan adjusts from just about anywhere in the van.



Depending on how many MaxxFans you have in your van, we have some recommendations for efficient usage:

1 Vent:
First, we’ll go over our suggested operation if your van has 1 vent:

If you’re camping in temperatures hotter than inside the van, we recommend running the fan on exhaust mode with as many windows open as possible. This will expel the hot air rising in your van, replacing it with fresh air being pulled in through the open windows. Remember, the larger the window opening the better, as smaller openings restrict airflow.

Proper airflow is important for controlling condensation in your van. While sleeping in cold temperatures, be sure to slightly crack a side window and put the fan on exhaust mode on a low speed, or you can simply manually open the fan’s lid to your liking.


2 Vents:
Now we’ll go over our suggested operation if your van has 2 vents:

If you have 2 MaxxFans and you’re camping in hot temperatures, we recommend running 1 fan on exhaust mode and 1 fan on intake mode, plus opening as many windows as possible. The fan on intake will pull fresh air into the van and create circulating airflow to help cool it down.

To cut down on condensation on rainy, snowy, or humid nights, we recommend cracking a window and running your fan on low on exhaust mode in order to create air flow and let warmer, wetter air out, or you can simply manually open the fan’s lid to your liking.


If you plan to cook in your van, we recommend installing a fan above your kitchen area, and running your fan on exhaust mode to pull smells or any smoke or steam out of the van.