Get to Know Approach – The Ultimate Family Van

Introducing Approach, the ultimate off-road Sprinter van designed for unforgettable family adventures! This purpose-built camper van is your solution to epic trips in all seasons, with extensive modifications inside and out, ensuring it can take on even the most remote locations while providing comfort throughout your journey.

You’ll experience the joy of road trips like never before with Approach – your home on wheels built for family fun and exploration. Whether it’s your first Class-B Sprinter van or a versatile addition to your adventures, Approach takes you further, making every mile a memory. Elevate your family road trips with the perfect blend of comfort and rugged versatility – Approach is the ultimate full-sized Adventure Camper Van.

The Ultimate Family Adventure Vehicle

We are determined to enable you to make every mile count, and traveling with your family in a van like Approach can offer you a unique and memorable experience, fostering a sense of closeness and shared adventure every mile along the way.

Approach becomes the hub for family connection. Whether it’s a long road trip to see sites unseen, a secluded hike with those we cherish, or a chance encounter with natures magic, each mile becomes an opportunity to create meaningful connections that will be cherished for a lifetime. By being present in the moment, embracing new perspectives, and finding joy in the little things, we can transform ordinary stretches into everlasting memories.

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Chassis Upgrades

Built on the resilient All-Wheel Drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 chassis, Approach is a dedication to un-paralleled performance, with components ensuring it effortlessly carries you, your crew, and all your gear wherever you want to go. Powered by a robust 208hp, high-output 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, it not only handles heavy loads with ease but also prioritizes fuel efficiency for a journey that goes beyond the miles. The addition of 180° rear door hinges makes it easy to move gear in and out, enhancing the overall convenience of this camper van.

Embark on your adventures with peace of mind, as Approach is backed by an extended 5 year/75,000-mile warranty on the chassis and a limited 1 year/15,000-mile warranty on the upfit. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a promise of reliability, durability, and the freedom to explore with confidence. With Approach, every mile is a testament to the heartfelt craftsmanship and unwavering commitment we have to make your journey a success.

Exterior Upgrades

Approach not only focused on performance but also includes a suite of exterior upgrades that redefine the capabilities of a Class-B Adventure Focused Camper Van. Feel confident on every adventure with a 50” light bar, 6” SAE fog lights, rear roof flood lights, and scene lights from Rigid Industries, along with Mercedes LED headlights – each element carefully chosen to illuminate your path in any environment.

Our in-house crafted custom metalwork, including a safari-style roof rack, aluminum ladder, and rear Wing Step, isn’t just about utility; it’s an expression of the thoughtful design that goes into making Approach a unique and capable vehicle that is unlike anything else on the road. These features not only optimize storage space above but also provide a modular platform to adapt to any situation.

Choose from a range of wheel options, from our signature Apex Wheel to 17” Black Rhino wheels, alongside BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tires, and Fox Shocks with an AWD tuned suspension, ensuring that Approach is a capable and stylish adventure van, ready to conquer even the most rugged off-road terrain and trails. Every upgrade is intended to create an experience that helps you live life to the fullest.

Interior Upgrades

Just because you’re embarking on rugged adventures doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creature comforts on the road. Approach is equipped with precision fit insulation and a hydronic diesel heating system to keep you warm, sound-dampening walls to preserve peace, and custom upholstery and cabinetry to create a home away from home. Our goal was to design the coziest family camper van possible. The upper and lower bed systems can accommodate up to four people, and with the help of RoamRest, we’ve ensured maximum comfort with the highest quality cushions and mattresses on the market.

We understand that van lifers appreciate a functional space, especially when it comes to cooking. That’s why we made sure to include every necessity in Approach’s galley for easy cooking, storage, and dining. The galley area features a premium stainless-steel sink and faucet, a stainless-steel refrigerator, a removable induction cooktop, spacious cabinets and drawers for storage, and an overhead microwave that can run on both battery and shore power. With a 13.2 kWh / 1030Ah Volta power system, an integrated 3200W inverter and a 140W rooftop solar panel, you’ll have long-lasting power for your vehicle and devices while far from civilization. Enjoying meals is easy with the incredibly modular design Approach offers. The two rear seats are DOT-approved captain’s chairs that recline and swivel, creating a functional space to dine, work, or relax.

The Water Box System we’ve crafted specifically for Approach is the perfect solution for families who want the option to shower inside the van without compromising valuable space. What appears as a simple bench seat unfolds and transforms into a self-contained shower and washing system.

Every inch of the Approach was crafted with care and intention, leaving no detail unnoticed. It’s not just a camper van; it’s a vessel for creating family memories, to enhance every mile with meaning and joy. Our commitment to quality and expanded capabilities is an invitation to do more, be more, and experience more together.

Every mile is the means to find the magic that defines a life that has been lived to the fullest, and Approach is a testament to the limitless potential of family adventures. Contact us today, and let our experts guide you in securing the custom camper van that will transform your dreams into unforgettable journeys.

Make your mileage count.

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