Each Outside Van includes our premium interior package.

Premium Interior Package

Our proprietary infrastructure is the base of every van we create. It reinforces all aspects of your van build along with the structure of the vehicle. Since our vans are 100% custom/bespoke vehicles, our infrastructure varies due to the design of your van. For a smooth and quiet driving experience we also include sound damping along with insulation for temperature regulation. These foundation features lead to a longer lasting, better performing vehicle.

Each van is furnished with full wall paneling, ceiling paneling, and factory headliner. These panels are finished in a closed cell acoustic foam and a strong and durable interweave fabric of your choice. Material upgrades, like Sileather, are also available. Each type of fabric has numerous color options, and all of our materials are tested and proven to last.

Each van comes with finished flooring and wheel tub boxes made with ¾” marine grade plywood, wrapped in a flooring material of your choice. Choose from a large variety of durable marine grade vinyl that can withstand the most rugged adventures. The styles and color options are endless!

Light up even the darkest nights with six flush mount ceiling LED lights. Each van we build comes standard with these lights, with options to add lighting in the garage area, the galley area, at the slider, and more. See more lighting options under Systems.

Safety is the first priority in each van we create. With an accessible and discrete fire extinguisher, any fire problems that may arise can be quickly extinguished. And you can sleep soundly at night knowing that a Nest smoke/CO2 alarm is watching over you.

Protect your lower driver and passenger side panels from rock chips and brush scrapes with our premium matte black die cut vinyl wrap, below exterior trim.


Power, water, heating, cooling, and lighting. Systems are the heart of a van.


Our experienced team will work to create the most efficient power system package for your needs. This option is a must if you plan on traveling off-grid and using items like a refrigerator, induction cooktop stove, aftermarket A/C, or a microwave.

AGM batteries are virtually maintenance free, provide solid electrical reliability, and stand up well to low temperatures. Each AGM power system can be custom designed to be as large or small as you need for your off-grid adventures. Depending on the layout of your van, we can either build your system into a custom closed boxes or installed underneath the chassis.

Depending on your van layout and your desired power, Lithium Ion batteries might be the right choice for you. Lithium ion batteries are ideal for running heavy loads for long periods of time, have short charge times, high cycle efficiency, virtually shockproof and great for heavy use. Though Lithium Lion batteries are normally more expensive than AGM, they have three times the lifespan of traditional batteries.

A power inverter changes DC power from a battery into conventional AC power that you can use to operate all kinds of devices. This option is a must if you plan on using items like an induction cooktop stove, microwave, computer charges, and more. The size of your power system determines the size of the inverter needed, however most of our power system run a Magnum Energy 2000 Watt Inverter.  The inverter control panel provides crucial information about your battery’s charge status and volts and amps coming in or out. This information is essential especially when needing to strategically manage power levels while adventuring off-grid.

This is one of the most recommended features to add to our customer’s custom builds. By adding a secondary alternator, you add a separate charging system dedicated only to the systems installed by Outside Van. The factory alternator stays intact and charges only the chassis, effectively doubling the available amperage of the vehicle. Adding a secondary alternator is an outstanding choice for a fast charge.

Another way to charge your power system while on the road is to include solar in your conversion. Adding rooftop solar panels will add a slow charge to your system which helps manage the usage of your lights, refrigerator, and outlets. These panels can charge any type of 12-volt battery that we install. Since our Peak Series Vans are completely bespoke, the amount of solar (watts), location, and orientation are decided by you. If you are including a Safari Roof Rack in your build, we will custom design your solar panels into your rooftop metalwork. We currently offer Zamp solar panels which are handcrafted in the US and have a 25 year output warranty.


LEGACY SERIES: Solar doesn’t have to be complicated. Just like the name, the Legacy Series panels are tried and true as our most popular solar option.

NEW OBSIDIAN SERIES: After two years of research, engineering and design, the future of solar has finally arrived. As thin as a flexible panel, with the efficiency and longevity of a standard panel, and with more mounting options than any other solar panel system, Obsidian’s potential is as limitless as your creativity.

Portable Solar Panel Kits from ZAMP Solar set-up in less than 5 minutes and power everything you need from lights to fridges. Ranging in output from 45-watts to 230-watts, ZAMP’s portables can charge any kind of 12-volt battery that Outside Van installs. These panels are handcrafted in the US, have a 25 year output warranty, and come in a sleek carrying case that’s easy to store inside your van when not in use.

Each Outside Van comes standard with a solar plug installed on the base of the driver’s seat, so plugging into the portable panel while camping is easy, and adding portable solar at a later date is possible for all Outside Van owners.

Depending on your power system, you have the option to custom place 110V, USB, and 12V outlets throughout your van. This allows you to charge appliances and devices while on the road. Adding outlets is a must if you plan on charging cell phones, laptops, or batteries, or powering any electronic device.


Traveling off-grid while having fresh water supply at your fingertips is essential.

Our water system package provides on demand fresh water anywhere you travel. The water system includes a freshwater tank that can hold anywhere from 15 to 30 gallons and in a variety of shapes that fit the van’s layout. If requested, we have an upgrade for a stainless steel tank that are custom made per request. To circulate water the electric pump is included pulling minimal power from the battery, and the carbon water filter provides peace of mind. To fill up your tank we install an external water fill allowing for easy fill ups with a hose while on the road. A grey water tank can also be added as an option.

Water System Package Includes: Freshwater tank, water pump, carbon water filter, and external water fill.


Making your home away from home. Strategically placing interior lighting enhances your experience when spending time inside the van.

Every van comes complete with either six or eight (depending on chassis size) flush mount ceiling LED lights. These lights are included in our Premium Interior Package. They also feature a dimmer allowing you to change the brightness depending on the environment. This feature is often used when relaxing before bed.


Located underneath our 3-panel bed are the LED Gear Lights that light up your garage space during low light conditions. Perfect for those late nights digging through bags in the cargo area of the van.

Perfect for mornings or nights when firing up the cooktop or using the galley countertop as a food prep area, these LED lights come in 12″ or 36″ length options and are placed below overhead cabinetry and above the kitchen galley. Or choose to include one in the overhead cab shelf area.

Perfect for those late nights loading or unloading from the cargo area of the van.

Flip a switch to easily light up the slider door step well and the landing area on the ground.

Light and switch locations and options are endless — if you don’t see something you want here, we are happy to chat with you!


Keep your van warm in the coldest winter conditions. The heating systems installed at Outside Van are designed to run directly off of the van’s fuel tank. Extremely efficient and powerful, these systems use very little electrical power with the potential to run for days without refueling. This option is recommended if you plan to camp in cold weather.

Adventuring in your van shouldn’t be limited to warm months. Our heating systems are built to perform in the coldest conditions, so you’re not left out in the cold during an overnight winter camping trip or when you return to your van after a day on the slopes.

We install a number of different diesel heater options with thousands of BTU of power pumping heat into the cabin. They run on auxiliary power and pulls minimal fuel from the van’s tank. Every system includes a control panel to easily control the heat settings.

The only thing that beats having a toasty van on a cold night is taking a warm shower, too! Our cabin and water heating system  provides on-demand cabin heat, as well as hot water to sinks and showers. It runs on auxiliary power and pulls minimal fuel from the van’s tank. Every system includes a control panel, where controlling air and water heat settings is easy.

The ultimate comfort feature. Our radiant heated floors give customers to opportunity to dial in the temperature and comfort of their vans depending on the environment. Each floor is custom cut on our CNC machine to your unique van layout giving you strategically and efficiently placed heat in silent lines that are regulated to 120 degrees, giving feet a comfortable 75-95 degrees temperature under foot. The floor isn’t any thicker than our standard floor as the channels are precision machined.


Keep your van cool in the hottest of climates.

Choosing to add a roof vent will make a large impact on cabin comfort. Outside Van installs Maxxair roof vents, with a 10 speed reversible fan, auto-open/close, a remote, and a rain sensor. This option is a must for fresh air circulation and ventilation, especially when sleeping in warm temperatures or using a cooktop inside the van.

Air conditioning makes staying in hot, humid environments much more enjoyable! Paint match option available. This option must be accompanied by a robust power system.


Bumpers, racks, upgrades, and more. Efficiently use your van the way it was meant to be used.


Fully customize the aesthetic and function of your van.

Built around an aluminum tubular frame for durability and weight reduction, safari racks are a great option to house solar panels, tents, and/or light bars, as well as provide a cat walk for roof access. All Safari Roof Racks are designed by the engineering team at Outside Van and are customized to whatever components are on the van’s roof. Custom powder coating options available.

Store boards or boats, or install a roof top tent or roof top storage box. We build our roof rails to ensure clearance of any roof top piece like aftermarket rooftop air conditioners, roof vents, awnings, or solar panels. This option must be used with a rear door or side ladder. Custom powder coating options available.

Easily strap your surfboards and SUP boards to the side of your van. Designed by the engineering team at Outside Van. Custom powder coating options available.

Easily access the roof with side ladders, which are constructed out of durable bent aluminum. Custom powder coat options available.


The Swiss army knife of ladders. The Utility ladder gives you so much functionality you won’t know where to start. This unique aluminum ladder comes complete with Outside Van’s patented double-sided grimples on each step giving the option for max traction or a smooth clean step. Owners have the ability to add an assortment of accessories from bike mounts to axe holders. Custom powder coat options are available.

Designed by the engineering team at Outside Van, the Rear Step Bumper provides easy access into the back of the van or onto a rear ladder. It relocates the 4 factory sensors to the rear-most part of the van so you don’t forfeit any of the factory features while in reverse. An on-board air connection is designed into the bumper allowing for quick use of an ARB air compressor.


Designed by the engineering team at Outside Van. Provide extra padding to protect your van and allow for the addition of extra driving lights or light bars. Designed by the engineering team at Outside Van. Custom powder coating options available.

*Only available on Mercedes-Benz Sprinters 2018 or older and Ford Transits. 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter bumpers are currently in research & development.

A light bar can make any forest road or camp spot appear almost as bright as day. Light bars can either be integrated into a Combo Roof Rack or a Safari Roof Rack, and the housing is completely sealed from the elements and stand up to severe conditions. RIGID and Heisse brands are available in varying light output configurations and can be mounted in multiple locations.

Mounted to either your safari rack or the rear of your van, each 2×2 rear door light produces 4000 raw lumens making gear loading at night a breeze. RIGID and Heisse brands are available.

Easily step into the driver, passenger, or slider door. Designed by the engineering team at Outside Van. Custom powder coating options available.

Easily step into the driver, passenger, or slider door. Steps extend and retract automatically when the door is opened or closed.

Protect yourself from the elements with an awning. Electric and manual options available.

Combo Rack CP:
The Definition Of Multifunction.
Built around an aluminum tubular frame for durability and weight reduction, the Combo Roof Rack CP is designed using the classic Outside Van tube aesthetic as it holds a RIGID 50” Radiance Curved Light Bar, as well as an optional 140W Zamp solar panel. Custom powder coating options available.

Combo Rack LP:
Clean & Simple.
For a those looking for a stealthy approach, the Combo Roof Rack LP’s sleek and lightweight design holds a RIGID 50” Radiance Plus SR-Series LED Light Bar, as well as an optional 140W Zamp solar panel.

Securely installed in brackets designed and built by the team at Outside Van, RIGID SAE Compliant SR-Series Pro 6” lights are sold in pairs in both white and yellow options. They’re great for fog and have a cut-off line to keep the beam below the fog and oncoming drivers.

Another option is RIGID SE-Series Pro 6″ LED Light Bar, which is sold individually and for off-road use only.

Mounted to the side of the van to give you better visibility, our side lights produce 1100 raw lumens. Using the latest LED technology, minimal amp draw, and extreme output, the side lights are the perfect area lighting solution.

When adventuring on trails at night, trail markers or camp spots can be hard to see because of overgrown brush or poor lighting. By adding RIGID’s Spot Light LED Dually PRO D-SS Side Shooters with custom-made Outside Van brackets to your hood, you’ll never miss a turn or that perfect camp spot.

Gear Handling

Efficiently store bikes, skis, boards, and more.

Storing bikes outside your van is simple with Outside Van’s custom made bike carrier accessory, which seamlessly bolts securely to Outside Van’s Utility Ladder. Using Lolo Rack’s bike hooks, you’re able to carry up to two bikes, and you’ll be ready to ride as soon as you get to your destination!

Work on your bike easily, attached to the rear door.

Hot Rod: Remove the front wheel of any type of bike and store it upright in the cargo area. Must be used with a Mounting System.

Drop Top: Easy to load, clamp, and lock. Simply remove your front wheel and re-install your thru-axle. Place the axle into the open Drop Top and clamp the axle utilizing the T-bolt for tension.

Mac’s aluminum VersaTie Track system is sleek and strong with incredible holding power.

Store skis and snowboards safely inside the cargo area. Must be used with a Mounting System. Custom powder coating options available.

Hang clothes, bags, and gear so that it’s out of the way.

Our rear door stuff sacks are the perfect place to store gear at your fingertips. Our stuff sacks are currently available in three locations (low, mid, and high).

Our modular lightweight load-carrying equipment, or MOLLE panels, for the rear doors are organizational grids that allowing you to attach and hold different pieces of gear in an organized fashion. We currently offer rear door molle panels in three location (low, mid, and high).

Our modular lightweight load-carrying equipment, or MOLLE panels, for the cargo or garage area are organizational grids that allow you to attach and hold different pieces of gear in an organized fashion.


Make van life on the road a little easier.

Replenish air in the van tires after driving on sand or snow, blow dirt or water out of the van, or simply fill up bike tires. The 12V/120 PSI on board air compressor includes a 2 gallon tank and exterior air line connector.

If you’d like to add upgraded wheels and tires to your van and need to store your spare tire, we have engineered and manufactured a spare tire rack to accommodate larger diameter wheels and tires. The spare tire rack is easily installed and cleanly stores your spare tire under the chassis.

  • Mounts easily on 2014-2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis
  • Fits 4WD & 2WD 2500 chassis
  • Black powder coated aluminum to withstand harsh conditions
  • Fits up to 32″ tire with an adjustable shackle mount

Easily load your motorcycle or dirt bike with a folding ramp system.


Sourced from trusted third- party suppliers.

Keep bulky, wet, or dirty gear outside in a secure rooftop box.

Add more sleeping options with a roof top tent. We’ll help you source the best tent for your needs from brands we trust. Must be used with roof rack cross bars or a safari rack.


Improve your van’s performance with modification options.

Aside from aesthetic, upgrading your wheels can provide you with improved handling. Choose from our recommended premium wheel manufacturers or choose your own.

Since dually chassis require specialize wheels that differ from other chassis, aftermarket wheel options have always been a bit limited. Now, thanks to these tested and durable premium wheel manufacturers, you can complete the aesthetic of your adventure van and improve your van’s handling. Choose from Method Race Wheel 901 or Ultra 003 Hunters.

The right tires can make all the difference. Increase your handling and performance. Choose from our recommended tires or pick your own.

Protect your paint from rock chips and branch scratches with a vinyl wrap. Choose from our in-house designed Outside Van wrap or customize your own.

Save space by sleeping side to side instead of front to back. Extend the width of the sleeping area by 4-6” with flares made by Flarespace.

Agile Off-Road’s Ride Improvement Package (RIP) Kit fixes any harsh swaying while your van’s on the road, whether you’re driving on the highway or on a rugged dirt road. The RIP Kit combines Agile-exclusive tuned Fox shocks with custom rate Rear Leaf Springs & Front Coilovers for the ultimate on & off-road performance handling kit. Optimizing your van’s suspension setup around its total weight and load distribution, this kit maximizes your van’s usable suspension travel while increasing stability & comfort.


Seating, sleeping, cooking, and more. This is your home on wheels.


Add extra light and ventilation with a variety of window choices.

Manual-opening t-vent with bug screen. Installed on the driver and/or passenger side.

Sliding window with bug screen.

Allow natural light into your van.

Allow natural light into your van and help with visibility when backing up.

CR Laurence’s Awning Windows are excellent for ventilation in the bed area. With a dial that allows the window to pivot open and a built-in bug screen, these windows are the perfect addition to any van.


If you’re looking to cook, store cold food, or wash dishes, adding a kitchen is a must.

Choose from various sizes that can accommodate a sink, induction cooktop, and/or refrigerator. Soft close drawers and cabinets with push lock latches included. Fully custom material and color choices available.

Keep food and drinks cold on the road. Choose from a variety of options such as left/right/center pull doors, drawers, and sliding removable. This option requires a power system.

Cleaning dishes in your van is a breeze with a sink. Choose from a variety of sink options, sized to fit perfectly within your galley. This option must be accompanied by a galley and a water system.

Cook in the comfort of your van with an electric induction stove. This option requires a power system.

Tested extensively for off-road, wilderness and sea-side usage, the range of ARB Fridge Freezers will complement your van; available in 37, 50, 63 and 82 quart capacities, all backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty from ARB.


Our bed systems are completely removable and extremely durable, providing ample comfortable sleeping space.

Steel frames and rails are custom color powder coated and each panel is individually wrapped with the fabric of your choice. Each rail is mounted to extra reinforced steel infrastructure to handle heavy weight, and each panel locks into the rails ensuring they safely stay in place. When you need your cargo space, simply stack and stow. Custom fabric and powder coating available.

Designed to be used with flares, this 2 panel bed allows you to sleep side-to-side in the van.

Our bunk bed systems are completely removable and extremely durable, providing ample comfortable sleeping space. Steel frame or aluminum options and custom powder coating available.

Our design team can configure a bed panel layout that will accommodate more sleeping arrangements depending on how many people you’d like to fit.

Firmness and thickness options available. Custom mattress cover choices available.

Up and Out Of The Way.

Quickly transform the vans livable space by electronically lifting the bed to the ceiling with a touch of a button. Moving the sleeping area after use allows for a more functional environment. Now there are options for a full lounge, storage area for motorcycles and other gear, or any configuration that a bed normally inhibits. The Altitude Bed is currently only available on the 170 and 170 EXT chassis.

Two locking, parallel pull tabs allow you to flip up a raised bed panel for extended sleeping space. Securely lower and lock the panel in place to create a comfy backrest above the bench sofa.


With a full array of color and material choices, comfortable seating areas can make your van the most comfy place to relax.

The design team will work with you to design seating tailored to your needs. From modular to foldable, the sky’s the limit. Custom color and upholstery choices available. Please note these are not DOT approved for passenger travel.

The design team will work with you to design dinette seating tailored to your needs. Place a table in the middle for the perfect dining or work area. Custom color and upholstery choices available. Please note these are not DOT approved for passenger travel.

Increase your DOT-approved passenger occupancy and sleeping capacity with Travois bench seating. These benches easily transform to allow for additional sleeping accommodations. Custom upholstery options available.

Available Sizes:
Two Person Bench Seat
Three Person Bench Seat

Removable factory captain’s chairs allow passenger travel. Custom upholstery options available.


Enjoy a meal or use your laptop, transform your space.

Removable table top with endless material choices and a base discreetly stores away.

Add an additional table top for eating meals, using a laptop, and more, or extend a galley countertop for even more food prep space. Heavy duty hinges support the flip-up table surface, which can store away flat.

Lagun tables are top of the line and marine grade. Swiveling and removable table top and base that discreetly stores away.


Secure storage for food, pots and pans, clothing, and gear is essential in a van.

Best for storing food, pots and pans, clothing, and gear. Custom size, material, and color choices available.

Best for storing clothing and gear. Durable and waterproof, exoskeleton overhead cabinetry is mounted to anchor plates and fully removable. Custom size, material, and color choices available.

Utilize the unused space above the cabin for gear storage at your fingertips. Custom material and color choices available.

Store your microwave within arms reach of your cooking station. Custom size, material, and color choices available.

Store anything you like in expertly placed storage areas.

Collapsible and portable soft hanging shelves are the perfect place to store your gear or clothes.


You can get clean and use a toilet in the privacy of your van.

Includes shower head, interior light, ceiling fan, and soft door. Hot water is only available with the Cabin and Water Heat Package.

Includes floor drain, deck plate cover, shower curtain, bayonet fitting, and hose attachment. Hot water is only available with the Cabin and Water Heat Package.

Shower just outside your van with a flush mount shower hook-up in the cargo area. Includes hot/cold valve and quick connect hose with shower head. Hot water is only available with the Cabin and Water Heat Package.

Don’t bother with digging holes or using public restrooms. We source cassette toilets that make it easy to dispose of your waste. With our custom capabilities, we have a number of different custom box and drawer slide options to keep your toilet out of sight and out of mind.

DOMETIC 972: A portable and convenient lightweight toilet that is perfect for smaller vehicles and tents due to the unique space-saving design. The push-button technology makes it easy to use and will always ensure a powerful and hygienic flush with less pump and less mess.

THETFORD 565E CURVE: The larger of the two options, it’s user-friendly design has many features making the worst part of camping a little more enjoyable. Features: battery-powered electric flush, tank level indicator, hidden controls, integrated tissue holder, plus much more.


TV, audio, Wifi, and more. Bring the comforts of home on the road.

Soft Goods

The upholstery team at Outside Van can create just about any soft good imaginable.

Glass surfaces in a van are non-insulated and can be detrimental to a van’s interior temperature in extreme conditions. Our snap-in window coverings are made from insulated rip-stop fabric and are included with each window we install.

Our insulated soft garage walls are removable and help keep your living space protected from the elements. Custom material and color choices available.

Our snap-in insulated vent covers regulate your van’s interior temperature in extreme conditions.

Our sun shades insulate your cabin from extreme temperatures and provide full privacy.

Keep the critters and extreme weather out when you have your back doors open.

Nothing’s better than being able to feel a fresh breeze when you’re relaxing in your van by leaving the slider door open. But what happens when mosquitoes and flies threaten to take over your peaceful evening? Rolef Slider Door Bug Screen to the rescue! Made out of flame retardant and waterproofed fabric, this screen has an exclusive magnetic lateral design that closes by itself when you go out so bugs don’t get in. The team at Outside Van permanently affixes the screen to your doorway, it zips down to create a secure barrier, and it easily rolls up out of the way.

Made of a large canvas door that can be rolled up on itself and can be shut up completely with a zipper, Rolef’s Rear Door Bug Screen is the perfect way to let fresh air in while you sleep or relax in the van.  There’s a window to aerate and let the sun in while protecting you from mosquitoes and black flies. There’s also a curtain to preserve your privacy, and you can easily access the rear storage area under the bed by rolling up and snapping the lower panel.

Zip down or fold up all three individual sections of our tri-fold soft garage wall. Our insulated soft garage walls are removable and help keep your living space protected from the elements. Custom material and color choices available.


Change up the flow of your van or create “rooms” with additional walls.

Positioned anywhere in the van, but commonly behind the cab area or in the rear, adding a hard wall can further insulate both the living area and the cab area.

Positioned anywhere in the van, but commonly behind the cab area or in the rear, adding a partial hard wall and soft wall can further insulate both the living area and the cab area while still providing a space to walk through.


You don’t have to forego your everyday entertainment options when you’re off-grid.

Choose a sound system from our trusted third party suppliers.

Innovators, not imitators. Outside Van is a professional outfitter that can design and build to the next level.
-Casey C.

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