How To

Operate Your Heater

Webasto System with SmarTemp Control 2.0

Does your van have a Webasto heat system with a SmarTemp Control 2.0? If so, this video will give you an overview of how to use it.

If you have any questions about the procedures covered in this video, please reach out to our service and warranty department at

Outside Van is not responsible for damage resulting from improper maintenance. This serves only as a guide to basic procedures.

The SmarTemp Control 2.0 controller is easy to use and extremely intuitive. It features a large LCD screen and is operated using a single rotary dial around the outside of the controller which allows users to adjust their vans temperature with ease. Let’s dive into the controls.


Control Panel: You turn on your controller by pressing the On/Off Webasto button on the top. Turn right to increase the temperature and left to decrease. Each click represents one degree. Once you’ve found your desired temperature press the bottom button followed by the Webasto button at the top of the unit. Once the unit activates the status indicator lights will illuminate red.


Menu: When not in heat mode you can access your menu by pressing the selection button at the bottom. This gives you access to your Mode, Language, Temp Unit, and Options control.


Mode: Under mode you can change the operation of the heater between heat mode and ventilation mode. When in ventilation mode your status indicator lights will illuminate blue.


Options: Under Options you have control of the duration of your heat, Low Voltage Disconnect, Password protection, Preventive Maintenance reminders, Time & Date, Temperature Offset, and Default Settings.


Set Timer: To set a timer on your heater, select Timer in your menu. Select Edit from the Sub-Menu, adjust and select the day, time, and runtime. Settings are saved each time the selection button is pressed.


Error: In the case that your controller flashes red showing an error, you can access the last 5 error codes and the date through the menu system. You can use the Webasto app on your phone to read the error code and determine the issue. This might be helpful information and can potentially remedy a situation until the Outside Van service team can assist you. Please note that heater error codes cannot be reset through the unit. A dealer diagnostics tool will need to be used to clear your codes.