Introducing: The Apex Wheel

Outside Van Apex Wheel


We are pleased to announce the Apex wheel which has been specifically engineered for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and designed with a robust set of off-road and safety features. The Apex wheel is a performance based component perfectly suited for your next adventure.


Apex Wheel on an Outside Van Approach 170


The Apex is a 17×8 A356t+ alloy wheel that has been put through a flow forged process that increases durability and decreases weight. It features a 6-130 lug bolt pattern that aligns perfectly with the Sprinter’s native hub and does not require modification for fitment.


Bolt pattern and removable center cap on the Outside Van Apex Wheel specifically made for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Apex comes in two offsets, 38mm and 29mm, allowing for use on stock Sprinter chassis, as well as vans that have modified suspensions such as the Agile Off-Road RIP Kit. The wheel’s load capacity exceeds the Sprinter chassis requirements, coming in at 3200lbs per wheel. This ensures structural durability when taking heavy converted camper vans down uncertain terrain.

Other features that van lifers and overlanders will find useful are the TPMS valve stem protector, and a secondary valve stem location to allow for rapid deflate capabilities. It also features a removeable rock ring guard that allows for replacement due to conditions encountered during offroad use, and the ability to customize the wheel for the perfect look that fits your rig.


Removable rock ring rash guard of the Outside Van Apex Wheel


Apex is finished in a black semi-gloss paint that is durable and holds up in all sorts of terrain van adventurers normally encounter. The center hub cap features a grey Outside Van emblem and is removeable for further customization and is replaceable with the stock Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wheel caps to complete a premium stock look if desired.

The Apex Wheel comes with a 3 Year, 36k finish warranty, and a lifetime structural warranty, and meets DOT, TUV, SAE, and FMVSS standards. It is available to be purchased as is, or with BFG K02 Tires pre-installed and balanced.


Here’s how to purchase the Apex Wheel

An Outside Van Approach Sprinter 170 with an Apex Wheel
The Apex Wheel featured on the Outside Van Approach Sprinter 170