img_4127Mountain biking in St. Moritz.  The Alps. The glaciers. The Engadin valley.  It is all majestic.

The riding can be flowy and fun or technical.  The views are always stunning.

This September is our first ever “Beyond the Van” Outside Van trip.  It’s for both men and women, will include St. Moritz and Livigno, Italy, and is limited to 9 participants.  It is 6 nights, September 2-8th.  Coordinated, guided and hosted by Amy at Elevon Solutions.


I went with Amy this past summer.  It had been 20 years since I was last in Zurich.  The airport was calm, quiet, clean. I got on the tram and was greeted with sounds from nature – birds, water, cow’s mooing, cow bells.  The sign in the tram was of mountains and beauty and said “Get Natural.”  I knew my soul would be nourished.

I was heading towards animg_4117 all-girl mountain bike trip with Amy.  She is a fantastic coach and guide and has been there many times.  Shane, another host for our trip, has designed and build many of the trails we were riding.  They both love it there and have it beyond dialed.

Once to St. Moritz, I am greeted by the lake and the mountains.  I breathe deep.  I go for a walk and head to the spa to ‘take in the waters’ before connecting with the group – who has been riding all day.  (Quick side note for the spa:  it is brand new, enormous, state-of-the-art, beautiful – and part of our hotel package.)  We meet for epic dinner and photos from the day with big smiles and stoke.   The days fly by.. there are lots of options of what to ride and who to ride with.  The sky is blue and the views are vast – everywhere.  The riding is sooo fun – or so hard, depending on what group you choose to ride with.


One day, from town, we take a train to the glacier, ride for a bit and get this view…and an espresso if you’re inspired.

Then ride through a small village,where we reload with pure mountain water flowing from a town fountain, have Italian style lunch (my heart is singing), grab a gelato and hop on the train to the next single track to a pristine glacier lake.  We strip some layers and jump in before heading back to the hotel.  Magic beyond.

img_4109At one point, I moved train cars and went to grab my pack.  One of our guides said, “don’t worry, this is Switzerland.”  Everything is safe, clean, on time and pristine.  Refreshing. Rejuvenating.  At some point during the trip, each participant took turns challenging their skills, shedding a few tears, drinking in the mountains and feeling stoked.

img_4119This is not to say that is how it will unfold for our trip in September.  What I know for sure is the crew that has already begun to gather are amazing people to be with.  We will ride. Eat. Savor. Laugh. Breathe. Be stoked. img_4161

The meals are made with love from locally sourced ingredients.  We’ll be 45 minutes from the Italian boarder – with riding options from Switz to Italy.  The trails vary from rugged single track through fields and mountain sides to gravity-assisted flow trials. If this is calling your name, please email me,, or Amy directly at  More photos and stoke here.  There are cows everywhere.  The cowbells are calling…. say yes.




nichole e.