We can go there, right?  Beyond surface level conversation…

everyone pees, but not everyone wants to talk about it.

I’m admitting, I prefer to be outdoors (as a girl), but so many times we park on a street, or somewhere that kind of ‘nature peeing’ isn’t possible.

If you have a wife, girlfriend or kids, please get her/them a porta potty.

It’s so easy, not stinky and all the germs are your own.

I used to wake up and be in an almost immediate panic, “please get me to a bathroom.”  Now I can wake up, go to the bathroom, wash my hands, wash my face, brush my teeth and I am literally a happy camper.

There are a few things I recommend:

1. Have some kind of spray handy (household cleaner or kid’s-n-pets or nature’s miracle) to use after using the porta potty.

2. Dump it out every 3-4 days, sometimes sooner if it’s in the heat of the summer.

3. Keep extra porta potty chemicals in the van.

4. Just use it for peeing – poop is a whole other situation.

You don’t have to touch anything gross and the best news is you don’t have to use public restrooms.  If you’re van doesn’t have a galley, an inexpensive water jug in the slider door (with Dr. Bronner’s in the passenger’s door pocket), your towel hanging to dry your hands and, voila, a new realm of travel is happening – all for $125ish dollars.

Seriously, to not use public bathrooms, it is so worth it.


nichole e.