It was years ago now that we were in Majorca, Spain.  We arrived late.  Everything was dark and the streets were quiet.  We ate, showered, slept and woke up to sunshine.  The streets were bustling and in a matter of a few blocks we came upon a Desigual store, my favorite brand at the time.

All over the display window were the words “new and good.”  It’s become a mantra ever since.

Granted, there is something to be said for what’s true and consistent in our lives.  Our relationships, values, qualities we can count on and be loyal to.  Yet, there is BIG joy in the new and good.  New is fresh and inspiring.  So much so, that we seek it out, claim it and celebrate it.

What is going to be new and good for you in 2017?


img_1959This time of year invites us to come in, be quiet, cozy, calm – just from the sheer hours of darkness.  With the winter solstice just behind us, and now the coming of more light, the question is:

what do we want to bring more of into our life?

Being outside, in nature, can help clarify priorities.  This is one of the main reasons I love being in our van.  Access to nature.  To what is real.


I’m dreaming up new dreams for my health, connections, soul, travel, creating value in the world, financial, ways of giving and receiving (to me they are two sides of the same coin).  How about you?

I love this idea of ‘upstream medicine’ or ‘upstream thinking.’   It goes deeper than the symptom, deeper than the surface thought or reaction.  What is at the core?  I’ve been applying this to my desires for the year.

I’ve long ago moved from what I want to ‘give up’ for the new year to what I want ‘to create and be.’  Way more liberating.  Way more fun.

For example, instead of saying I want to give up chocolate, what if I choose to drink 10 glasses of water a day?  This will help me eat less, feel lighter in my handstands, stronger on my skate skis and all over better in my skin.  This is what I’m signed up for.  Upstream thinking my desires.


One of the best ways to feel stoke for ourselves is to stoke others.

I am cheering you on, claiming for you that you live your biggest desires, this year.  That your life is inspiring – to you.

Here’s to new and good in 2017.




nichole e.