For years, the week between Christmas and New Years felt like limbo.  Not much happened at work and the pace was slow and frustrating to me.  Now, I SAVOR that week.  It’s a unique week away from the usual pace.  We purge – a LOT, I gather the tax info and button up loose ends of the year.  Clean and current on all levels.  We play – a LOT, mostly in the snow, build fires, eat high vibe warm food.  Nourishment on every level.  The best.  We plan and dream, “calendar” as we call it.

Blocking chunks of time for what we want to create, where we want to go, what we want to be.  Planting seeds for what is to come.

I am so quietly and calmly stoked for 2018 and all it will bring. The blocks of time marked on the calendar usually have an idea around them – “pow trip,” “surf trip” or “bikes.”  Coast or mountains or beyond the van.  Sometimes it flows the way we thought, but not always.

Life is fluid and when the dates arrive, we go with what inspires us and where the weather conditions are intriguing.

Sometimes we come home early because the weather shifts, we ran out of mojo or we feel complete before the allotted days were over.  It feels like real time living in a calendar-ed (in my world this is a real word) world.  Planning chunks of time and seeing what unfold when the time is here.

The new groove for me personally in 2018 is to listen and reflect back what I hear. Ask for what I want.  Savor the moments.  Trust.  The number one thing for 2018 – laugh more.

In the van, in nature, with friends or at home, it’s going to be an incredible year – expansive, abundant, vibrant and joy-filled.

Wishing you all your new groove ideals for what is to come.


nichole e