Operate Your Heater

Do you have a van with an Espar diesel heating system with a Rixens MCS-6 control panel? If so, this video will give you an overview of how to use it.

If you have any questions about the procedures covered in this video, please reach out to our service and warranty department at service@outsidevan.com.

Outside Van is not responsible for damage resulting from improper maintenance. This serves only as a guide to basic procedures.


To turn on the control panel press the power button on the top left. On the bottom right you will choose your heat source. If you’re plugged into shore power select the electric option. If you are unplugged, chose furnace. The combination of Furnace & Electric heat sources can be used. The Electric element can provide 1500 Watts, which can be supplemented with the Furnace’s 1300-5000 Watts, if temperature drops low enough that the Electric can not keep up with demand. If the demand for heat is satisfied by the Electric heat source, then the furnace heat setting won’t need to start. With Electric and Furnace selected, the Furnace will be on standby until needed.

Once selected, hit the power button again to engage your heat. Above and below the power button is your temperature control. If you’ve run into problems changing your temperature, you’re not alone. To adjust your temperature up or down you need to hold your finger on one of the arrow buttons. After around two seconds the set temperature display will blink and change from blue to white. At the point you can change the cabin temperature at 1 degree per tap. After 4 seconds of inactivity the color will change to blue and the buttons will then lock. Think of it as a finger print scan prior to changing your temperature.

On the right you will have five fan speed selection options to customize your experience. I personally tend to use a lower speed to conserve power and have the fan turning on and off.



And now the constant heat / hot water setting. On the bottom left of the control panel is this button. When turned on, your selected heat source will keep the boiler hot. The time it takes to heat your water is determined by the temperature of the environment you’re in. In warm temperatures you can get heat production quickly, however in colder temperatures think about heating up your system ahead of time. You would run this mode if you’re taking a shower or want hot water to do dishes in the summer without heating the van and running the fan.