Buds.  Blooms.  Blossoms. All things are possible.  Water.  Dirt.  Snow.  Sunshine, rain, snow. Spring.  “Primavera” in Italian.  Just the sound of it makes my heart sing.

Truth be told, it’s been too long since I’ve been in nature by myself.  I’ve been getting in the forest, locally, around town with friends, but this morning I was up in the mountains by myself.  Literally.  I did not see one person.  Me, the birds, the snow, and my heart wide open.  It’s when I get to commune.  It’s when the most inspiration flow in.  I feel hope, joy, free, and like anything can happen.  Because it can.

That’s how I feel every time we are in our van. That excited, familiar feeling inside me.  It’s quietly there.

I know we can dream up anything.  We get to make it up.  We are making it up.  We all get to make it up.  That’s what we are doing here.  We are creative beings and creating feels good.  It’s the natural flow.

In spring time, I’m reminded of that more than ever. Yesterday I was in the snow.  It was glorious.  Sunny.  Blue and white.  I got in the skate ski tracks to ride down.  I hardly ever do this.  I was going fast, really fast, actually.  It was shady and I was flying.  It was thrilling.  I was thinking so much of life feels like that, in the tracks, fast, thrilling.  Today was such a different experience.  Today was flowing — it wasn’t fast and thrilling — it was flowing and nourishing, moment to moment.  Both are important.

Life is so fast right now.  One friend said “I feel like my life is passing me by.”  This friend is a mindful, conscientious, connected person — and they have a van, live in nature, and are in nature all the time.  If she’s saying this, what about the rest of us?

What if it is a prescription to get in the big mountains, or the water, or whatever stokes and nourishes you — whatever fuels you?  It’s not a selfish act.  It’s helpful for you, your family, your community, your work, and the planet.  To be in the space of ease and joy and stoke because that’s what you are going to radiate — easy and joy and stoke.

I’m going to claim it – for you and for me.  Yes, it is THE prescription.   Please go do what stokes you, what connects you, what fuels you in nature.  In the water, dirt, snow… it’s all possible.




nichole e

dirt photo by Chris Schey