These two words don’t always go hand in hand, but in the Outside Van world, I think they do.  To feel stoked is a peak experience.  Some of us live in that space more than others.  A few people live their life that way – in a state of stoke.  Reggie Crist, an international athlete and rad human is a self-prescribed “stoker broker.” Love this. Reggie takes clients around the world, gathering powder turns.

A few official definitions of stoked are to ‘add coal or other solid fuel to a fire,’ ‘to encourage or incite,’ and an informal ‘to excite or thrill.’  It is a verb.  Active.  Present tense.  Now.  I am stoked!!

Two different times I have polled our HIGHLY stoked friends to ask “what are the 7 top-most experiences that stoke you.”  The results:

1. Being in Nature

2. Moving

3. Choosing LOVE

4. Gratitude

5. Living in the NOW

6. Quiet

7. Creating


Being in nature is the driver for those of us with Outside Vans.  To access BIG source.  Big nature.  The ultimate stoker, nourisher and inspiration.  Moving our bodies, sweating, feeling the flow.  Choosing LOVE.

Being in gratitude.  This week of Thanksgiving, is an easy time remember the gifts.  It’s also time to close the chapter on dirt season and open the door to POW.

I think more than anything, stoking is our natural state.


My personal experience is I feel the most stoked when I’m stoking others. Isn’t that why we are here?  To connect, to stoke, to feel love, joy and to have huge gratitude for it all.

We are so grateful for you, for all the adventures together and for all that is to come.


nichole e.