Syncline Component Spotlight – A focus on versatility and modularity

In anticipation of the January 17th public unveiling of Syncline at the Mercedes-Benz Vans booth at the Florida RV Super Show , let’s take a deeper dive the unique innovations that our design and engineering team has incorporated into this special adventure van.

When designing the layout for a 144 chassis, every inch counts, as space is at a premium compared to larger chassis like the 170. In order to not sacrifice functionality and to avoid a cramped living experience, it was important for our team to develop new modular components to be the foundation of what creates the Syncline experience. With this build, we introduce the FoldAway Murphy Bed, the QuickFlip table, and an updated Water Box Shower design that is engineered to fit in the 144 chassis.

Outside Van Syncline

FoldAway Bed

Switch easily between prioritizing gear access or a cozy sleeping space with the FoldAway bed. The bed frame itself is made out of lightweight but strong aluminum and is easily deployed with the assistance of the gas-assisted struts, even when loaded with heavy bedding and gear. When stowed, the bed sits vertically and is secured via a push-lock latch. This configuration also exposes a built-in MOLLE panel that can be used to mount and store a variety of gear and pouches. We call this the gear wall and it transforms your van’s garage into a well-organized work and storage space. Whether it is ski, surf, snow, or dirt, the gear wall can accommodate all the gear needed for your next adventure. By having vertical access to storage, you will be spending less time crawling underneath beds and navigating through tight spaces to access your gear. The bed features L-Track compatible mounting points implemented throughout the frame to further expand on the functionality of the underside of the bed frame.

To switch into a sleeping configuration, the bed lowers with the aid of gas-assisted struts which help create a soft and smooth deployment, especially when there is gear mounted to the bottom of the frame. When fully lowered, the space saving folding memory foam mattress can be unfolded to cover the entire sleeping area which is expanded through the use of bump-outs to enable sleeping in a lateral position. There are also two storage cubbies that are exposed at the top of the bed enclosure that are perfect for storing items like clothes and pillows.

To accommodate for taller items like full-frame mountain bikes and e-bikes, we designed the FoldAway bed frame to have recesses so that handle bars can clear when the bed is in the lowered position.



QuickFlip Table

A cornerstone of the adventure van experience is the ability to make not only the interior space a living area, but the exterior as well. To accommodate for indoor/outdoor living, we have implemented the QuickFlip exterior table that is accessed when the slider door of the van is open. The new QuickFlip table design deploys to standard “countertop height” when standing outside of Syncline (Approx. 36″ from ground). Even with the bug screen deployed, this table is quick to deploy and to store with simple, one-handed operation. When deployed, there’s a hidden cubby you can access underneath which is perfect to store items like shoes or air compressor components. The steel construction makes for a sturdy, lightweight, magnetic cooking and prepping area. This unique design sets Syncline apart by not relying on cumbersome cables or straps that can get in the way of table usage. There’s even access to a 120V outlet next to the table for easy kitchen appliance usage.

The table is attached to a low bench seat, and maximizes table space while not sacrificing the open concept of Syncline.


Water Box System

The next feature is the Water Box showering system. We have taken the Water Box shower featured in Approach and have resized and redesigned the layout to better fit in the more compact 144 chassis. The bench seat that the QuickFlip table is attached to folds open to reveal a hidden shower pan, shower mixer, and a showering curtain that connects to four L-Track buttons positioned on the ceiling. This curtain is purposely positioned to encompass the roof-top exhaust van, ensuring a well ventilated showering space that prevents humidity from collecting and ruining the interior. The Water Box has a set-up time of less than 5 minutes. When deployed, it creates an enclosed showering experience that keeps the rest of the van dry while utilizing every inch of available space to the maximum. It offers a great solution for individuals who prefer not to compromise on precious space, yet still desire an indoor shower option. After showering, the curtain folds up flush to the wall for air-drying, and the entire system can be packed back up at a moment’s notice.

The ingenuity of Syncline doesn’t stop with the components and features used for day-to-day adventuring. A top priority of Outside Van when developing our models was to continue the usability behind paneling and boxes so that when it comes time to maintain and service the core systems it could be done with ease and in most cases, without specialized tools.

All systems can be accessed via hatches for day-to-day maintenance. Need to winterize your van? Simply turn your faucets on and pop open the rear water system hatch to access the drain valves and shutoffs in order to clear Synclines plumbing of standing water to protect from cold weather damage.

The power system, plumbing, and heating are all installed using brackets with a focus on clean and organized layouts that can be quickly navigated by service centers and even the end user. Gone are the days of extensive work to access key systems or wading through chaotic piles of miscellaneous wiring trying to diagnose a problem. This leads to a straightforward maintenance routine, which translates to a savings in time, costs, and headaches to keep you out of the garage and on the road.

We are excited to unveil more details of Syncline as we get closer to the public reveal. Stay tuned and until then, we will see you on the outside!

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