“I’ve put 33,000 miles on my Outside Van and have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of the work. Even after taking the van on hundreds of miles of rough rocky roads, it is in the same exact condition as it was when I first got it.”


“The creativity, professionalism and quality of workmanship is better than anything else out there and worth every penny. In researching all the van-build options out there, I learned you get what you pay for.”


“Our entire experience with Outside Van from start to finish has been nothing but exceptional! After visiting the factory and meeting the team in person, we immediately got a sense of the passion they have for what they do and we could see the quality craftsmanship that they put into every one of their builds. The team at Outside Van is so knowledgeable and experienced that they made the process a breeze even for newbies like us. Their customer service from day one has been excellent and remains outstanding!”


“Building a van with the OSV team is personal; besides having the most talented and passionate crew of craftsmen, YOU are always the focus of every build. Their years of experience catering to a variety of van goals, gives you consultative guidance to minimize issues, and maximize your outdoor fun! Customer care and quality is what you get with OSV.”


“We tossed around the idea of purchasing a van for a couple years, but it was ultimately the COVID pandemic that motivated us to purchase our Outside Van. It was clear that travel was going to change and we realized that a van would allow us to go places and see things that we would otherwise miss. Small towns, national parks and forests, state parks, coastlines, and mountains just seemed so much more attainable in a van. Previously it felt like our ‘vacations’ consisted of flights and long weekends where we didn’t really get a chance to put the time into experiencing these new places. Our van has changed that. What we’re most looking forward to is growing our young family and sharing travel experiences together, including our dog, Jerri.”