It has come full circle.  Simple to complicated, back to simple.  Food on the road can be as varied as people, depending on preferences, priorities, timing, where you are traveling, how you like to eat (vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, whole foods, seasonal, raw).  We used to get chef-y on the road, cooking and making fancy dinners.

Now we don’t cook at all and it is SO easy.

Food prep is a big part of it before we take off…but back to the kitchen box, which includes the few items that are always in there (for 2 people).  This doesn’t take into account all the love that is in the fridge or plug-in cooler.
3 forks
3 spoons
1 cutting knife with cover
can opener
wine opener
paper towels
thin paper plates
2 – 2 quart Endurance stainless steel bowls
extra water bottles
garbage sacks
Sun Warrior protein powder
Amy’s refried beans
jars of salsa
rice cakes
nut butter
Justin’s individual nut butter packs (for rides/hikes)
olive oil

With this, you can have beans, salsa, avocado
Protein shake
Apples and almond butter
Rice cake with nut butter or avocado
Nuts/fruits for snacks

The rest of the magic gets filled in with farmer’s markets and rad co-ops along the way.
I use a pile of the paper plates as the ‘cutting board’ and use a good stack to serve the food on, then just throw the top (used) one away.
The best part of this is there are no dishes to clean (well.. two bowls and some silverware) and there is minimal waste.

What’s in your kitchen box?

Life is simple in a van.


nichole e.