• Cabin and Water Heat Package
  • Water System
  • Roof Vent
  • Custom Lighting

  • Side Utility Ladder
  • Rear Step Bumper
  • Front Pre-Runner Bumper
  • Retractable Running Board
  • Roof Box
  • Mac’s VersaTie Track
  • Vinyl Wrap

  • 3 Panel Bed
  • Accordion Mattress
  • Travois Bench Seat

  • Rear Door Stuff Sacks
  • Soft Garage Wall

Vans Built For Overlanding

For intrepid explorers who thirst for the thrill of year-round off-grid overlanding, we offer the ultimate rigs for going off-road and staying off-road.

Our custom camper vans are engineered to deliver the ideal overlanding experience, combining the legendary reliability of Mercedes-Benz with bespoke features designed to meet all your needs while you’re trekking across remote landscapes. Whether you’re planning epic month-long overlanding trips or just a weekend getaway, our four-season expedition vans are ready to hit the trail with you.

Experience the freedom of the open road as your bespoke Sprinter transforms into your rugged home away from home. With specialized features for off-grid and remote overlanding, including sustainable lithium power solutions, fully-equipped galleys, and efficient storage, your van ensures that your overlanding adventures are both comfortable and self-sufficient. We outfit our rigs with FOX Factory suspension, off road tires, light bars, winches, armor, and anything else you might need to get anywhere you want to go.

Our off-road adventure vans are built to help you find the perfect setup for your expeditions, no matter how long you want to stay in parts unknown or how many people you want to bring with you. We can build a rig capable of seating and sleeping up to five if you want to bring the whole crew, or keep it lean if you’re looking to maximize mileage on solo adventures. Our storage solutions can accommodate fuel, food, water, alternative power, and gear for any activities you want to enjoy while you’re parked such as hiking, biking, fishing, or cooking.

Don’t let the allure of overlanding pass you by – turn your dreams into reality with a custom overlanding Sprinter. Get inspired by the custom overlanding vans below, and contact us to create your own, ready to tackle epic trips and off-grid adventures. Your next overlanding expedition awaits, and we’re here to make it extraordinary.