• Custom Lighting
  • Outlets
  • Roof Vent

  • Awning
  • 50” LED Light Bar
  • Front Pre-Runner Bumper
  • Mac’s VersaTie Track
  • Rear Roof Load Lights
  • Side Utility Ladder
  • Rear Step Bumper
  • Roof Box

  • Removable Captain’s Chair (DOT-Approved)

  • Rear Door Stuff Sacks
  • Sun Shades

Vans Built For Hunting and Fishing Trips

For avid huters and anglers who relish the tranquility of the backcountry or are chasing their next catch, we offer fully customized four season Sprinters outfitted for hauling your all of your hunting and fishing gear, and camping out in comfort. Our custom Sprinters are designed to enhance your  experiences, whether it’s hunting or fishing trips to the local wilderness areas or backcountry treks the remotest locations.

Our customized Sprinters are engineered with the perfect blend of utility and comfort, specifically crafted to accommodate your hunting and fishing gear and provide a homey space for rest and relaxation. With specialized storage solutions for your hunting and fishing equipment and provisions for off-grid living and camping, your van transforms into not just transportation but also a mobile hunter or angler’s haven.

Outside Vans don’t sacrifice on comfort or utility. If you’re embarking for a whole week or just a weekend, our custom camper vans are set up to keep you and your passengers comfortable. Clean, prepare, and cook meals with ease; and enjoy the comforts of home with showers and plush sleeping quarters accommodating up to five people.

Don’t let any wilderness area go unexplored – turn your hunting and fishing dreams into reality with a custom van built for your trips. Get inspired by our custom built vans for hunting fishing trips, and contact us to begin building your own.