We met Derwyn and Sabine on Christmas day.  As we pulled into the parking lot, Derwyn was giving us the super smile, and the ‘stoked on your van’ vibe. We say hi and learn that he and Sabine have just dropped their van off at Outside Van for their conversion.  We had fun conversation and a great day at the mountain.

That’s the thing about the tribe.  We find each other.  Easily.

This weekend we pull up and see Derwyn and Sabine, in the exact spot we met, in their brand new van.

This is it’s maiden voyage.  We are beyond stoked.

They already have systems in place and green smoothies in the fridge.  It was glorious, blue sky skating and the apres ski was more fun than usual.  Espresso was made (I’m so celebrating this),  stories, plans and ideas shared.IMG_5108

 Getting a new van is the BEST feeling.

Packing the gear.  Preparing the food.  Gathering the layers.  Putting things in place.  Getting coordinated.  It’s liberating and expansive and full of possibilities.

Derwyn and Sabine have their own blog of adventures and list getting their Sprinter as the top event for 2016.  Right on!

Here’s to all that is to come. Life is rad and fun in a van.



nichole e.