Abel Silver Bullet

Customer Van

Tailgate King

Built in 2020, Abel Silver Bullet is the ultimate tailgating van built for a football loving family. With comfy seating, tons of storage, and a stocked kitchen, this bad boy has an entertainment center that will knock your socks off. This van features a state-of-the-art JL Audio sound system, a 28″ TV screen with an articulating wall mount, and a satellite mounted to the roof to ensure the best coverage on the go. To power the aftermarket rooftop air conditioner, fridge/freezer combo, induction cooktop stove, entertainment system, lights, fans, and outlets, a lithium ion power system has been installed. Paired with a secondary alternator that directly charges these batteries while the engine’s running and two 90W rooftop solar panels, running out of juice while the game’s heating up is a faraway worry.

Van Specs

  • Make & Model 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Wheelbase 170
  • Roof Height High
  • Drive 4WD