Gray Area

Customer Van

Gray Area (noun): Not conforming to a category or to an existing set rules. 

Built in 2019, Gray Area is a Peak Series custom build that was designed to allow fun for the whole family. With 4WD and seating/sleeping for five, there’s no path that can’t be traveled.

This 170 has all the bells a whistles needed to adventure in comfort. Think you’ll have enough storage with a party of five? You betcha! Gray Area features an overhead cab shelf, a VERY large overhead cabinet, and an exo cabinet, not to mention a large garage space for the rest of your gear. With two high output AGM batteries, 2000W inverter system, 130W solar panel, and a secondary alternator, power still isn’t an issue. This provides all the off-grid power needed to the aftermarket 12v rooftop air conditioner, fridge, induction stove, 112v and USB outlets.

Van Specs

  • Make & Model 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Wheelbase 170
  • Roof Height High
  • Drive 4WD
  • Series Peak