Customer Van

ha·ven | noun | a place of safety or refuge

With that definition in mind, this 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 was built for a “retired grandma who had in mind a multiplicity of uses: evacuation from local wildfire (which had already occurred 3 times in a little over a decade) as well as a place to stay until the all-clear is given, a cooling center when the power is cut off by the utility company during hot Santa Ana winds, and a comfortable vacation home for extended family—and dogs!—that could find itself almost anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.” We are impressed repeatedly by the thoughtfulness of our customers and the myriad ways vans bring people together.

Helping to create a tranquil interior, Sileather’s Premier Pearl is featured on the ceiling and headliner. This alternative silicone fabric is unmatched in resistance to abrasion, cracking, fading, staining and weather, and can be cleaned and disinfected with a bleach solution. A removable bench, 3-panel sofa bed, and 3-panel raised bed ensure sleeping and seating accommodations for both pets and people. Helping to beat the heat is a 12V aftermarket rooftop air conditioning system designed to run off battery power. A Maxxair 10 Speed Deluxe vent helps circulate stale cabin air. Haven’s galley includes a refrigerator, rectangular sink, pull-down faucet, overhead microwave, flip up tables, and large storage solutions.

With 630Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, a 2000W inverter, Wakespeed secondary alternator, and 130W rooftop solar panel, running out of power while camping off-grid is virtually impossible. Comfort in any temperature is possible with a Webastro Air Top Evo 55 Diesel Heating System and Espar Hydronic Diesel Water Heating System.

Van Specs

  • Make & Model 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Wheelbase 170
  • Height High
  • Drive 4WD