Customer Van

“A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission.” Rush, Mission

Mission is an incredible 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 Dually custom designed and built for a retired firefighter and paramedic who now gets to pursue his avid passion for wildlife photography.

On a mission to capture the remote beauty found only in the deepest corners of our National Parks, staying off-grid for extended periods is a breeze. Working with an Espar Hydronic Diesel Water Heating System, a 40-gallon freshwater tank feeds directly to the galley sink and fully enclosed aluminum shower. Outside of bath time, this enclosed space is the best place to store Thetford’s new cassette toilet with a battery-powered flush. Perfect for on-the-go photography editing sessions, a driver-side bench seat is nestled next to the galley cabinetry—a removable Lagun table mounts in front of the bench opposite the passenger-side articulating TV wall mount. Keeping camera batteries charged are strategically placed in (5) 110V outlets, (5) USB-USBC outlets, and a waterproof wireless charging station. Finally, when it’s time to rest and dream of the next adventure, Mission features a 2-panel flared bed system. Flares add extended east-to-west sleep without taking up additional galley space.

Mission’s internal power and exterior components are equally impressive. 630Ah lithium-ion batteries, a 2000W magnum inverter, and 280XP Wakespeed secondary alternator are working in tandem. A Webasto Air Top EVO 55 Diesel Heating System pulls minimal fuel from the tank to keep cabin air toasty. Diverse regional terrain is no match for Agile’s “No Rub” Front Tire Fender, adding space for upgraded Dually Method 901 wheels and BFG KO2 Dually Oversized tires. These systems work nicely with an Agile Off-Road Ride Improvement Package. We’ve even installed a 47-gallon SB Filters Fuel Tank! Climb the driver-side utility ladder for easy access to an AreaBFE Black Series Aluminum Hard Shell Roof Top Tent. Last but certainly not least, Mission’s rear doors are equipped with Owl Vans Large Expedition Box and Bike Carrier 2019+.

Van Specs

  • Make & Model 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Wheelbase 170 Dually
  • Height High
  • Drive 4WD