Customer Van

New Day, New Adventure

Built in 2021, Variable has just about anything you could imagine in a home on wheels. The front living area includes a bench with ample storage and a cozy custom upholstered top. There’s also a table mount on the side so a swiveling Lagun table top can be used. When more passengers are coming along for the ride, this bench is easily removable to reveal a recessed seat bracket (in addition to one in the center) where passenger seats can be added (not pictured). The galley kitchen is stocked with a sink, fridge, and induction cooktop, and includes overhead storage cabinets with a microwave. A fully enclosed shower sits adjacent to the kitchen, and in the rear there are two levels of sleeping platforms that comfortably fit up to four people.

The power system is comprised of 600Ah of lithium ion batteries, a 2000W Magnum inverter, a 130W rooftop solar panel, and a secondary alternator that directly charges these batteries while the engine’s running. That means the aftermarket rooftop A/C, microwave, fridge/freezer combo, lights, vent, and outlets can be used off-grid for days. With an Espar diesel heater dedicated to heating the water the cabin, camping in any season is comfortable. And the 29 gallon water tank provides fresh water to the sink and enclosed shower.

On the exterior, our team has built roof rack cross bars that accommodate the air conditioner and holds a Packasport roof box.

Van Specs

  • Make & Model Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Wheelbase 170 Dually
  • Roof Height High
  • Drive 4WD