Rolling. Freedom of movement.

Transforming what the way we think about technical single track into a higher degree of awareness, technicality…and reward.

I am perfectly happy practically anywhere that involves two wheels and dirt. When riding in the Swiss Alps, I am challenged – sometimes beyond my skill level. Yet, my riding skill level is positively correlated with the level of awareness, and the positive elements I choose to bring into my brain while controlling the movement on my bike.

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Riding your mountain bike at nearly ten thousand feet

elevation above sea level requires a great amount of strength, mentally, emotionally and physically.

It is so easy to just let your tires roll and let gravity take you down the hill. Steep or technical terrain can be very intimidating for some people though, which can look like this: Holding breath. Straightening of the arms. Sitting on the back of the bike. None of these things are helpful. Without any weight on the front of the bike and stiffening of the arms, the front wheel has zero traction and your stiff arms prevent fluidity and any absorption of rocky or varied terrain. Less fun. So instead…

Breathe! Relax. Brace yourself.

Control your body weight and fluidity on the bike.
+ By bracing your feet against your pedals, you gain the contact you need on the pedals to leverage your body weight back (and forward) as you descend downhill, up and over rocks, roots, stairs (yes, stairs…think, 500 year old rocky smuggling routes through the Swiss/Italian Alps), and around corners.

+ By maintaining control and positioning of your body weight, you become one with your bike, agile and transformative, commanding the performance of your wheels and weight distribution between them. Rather than your bike acting as a separate element and times, your bike controlling you.


Be confident that, you can. Otherwise, you won’t! Transforming the way you think positively about the trail in front of you and the choreography of your movement will help you to become at home in your mountain biking experience.

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