Outside Van brings people closer to nature by creating purpose-built vehicles that enable a life of freedom, joy, and connection.


For over 30 years, the founder of Outside Van has been building vans that facilitated his adventurous lifestyle. Whether it was surfing, snowboarding, or biking, he built vans specifically designed to meet his personal needs. Officially established in 2007, Outside Van has evolved into a flourishing business and is now a leader in the custom van conversion industry.


With a focus on quality and customer service, we produce over 100 custom van conversions per year. Each custom designed vehicle we put onto the road is hand-built to meet our customers needs.


Our team of over 65 individuals is comprised of some of the industry’s most creative, productive, and experienced professionals. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, our staff has the perfect combination of unique skillsets. With a majority of components being designed and built in-house, expertise in every field is essential to our success.


Our interior and exterior components and parts are proudly designed and built in-house by some of the industry’s most creative, productive and experienced experts.

Outside Van Design


In a notebook, on a napkin, or even on the back of a trail map, every van owner has drawn out their dream van. Before production, our design team works with our customer to draw up the perfect layout and component list that work seamlessly within the van.

Outside Van Engineering


With a focus on performance and attention to detail, our engineering team is dedicated and passionate when it comes to building the perfect vehicle to match your specifications. The layout and system locations are essential when engineering a successful van conversion due to physical constraints of the van footprint.



Without a solid foundation, anything will crumble. This is how our team approaches the van building process. Our proprietary infrastructure is the base behind every build as it reinforces all aspects of your van build along with the structure of the vehicle. We also include sound damping that makes for a smooth and quiet driving experience along with insulation for temperature regulation. These foundation features lead to a longer lasting, better performing vehicle.

Outside Van Systems


Our team is continually striving for perfection when creating your perfect living environment. We strategically design and install efficient power, water, electrical and heat systems that are safely and discreetly housed within the van. We tailor each system to your specific needs as your comfort on the road is our number one priority.

Outside Van Woodworking


From galley kitchens to tables, seating, and cabinets, all pieces are handcrafted in our facility. Our in-house woodworking team is comprised of skilled craftspeople who build long-lasting, quality pieces custom fit for any layout. Our strategically constructed wood products are comprised using materials specifically chosen to withstand the roughest driving conditions and extreme temperatures.

Outside Van Metalworking


Our metalworking team focuses on function and performance as they construct products specially for our vehicles. From custom safari racks to side racks, the custom and durable components coming out of our shop are designed for the user and built to last.

Outside Van Upholstery


Our team focuses on performance as quality upholstery is essential to maintaining comfort in extreme temperatures. From curtains to custom upholstered seats, the upholstery team can create a variety of soft goods using a wide array of fabric and material options.

They did an incredible job of listening to my needs and asking questions. Because of this, I got exactly what I needed and wanted! The buildout is A+ professional.
Tammy R.